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University of Minnesota, Department of Art:

  • The University of Minnesota Sculpture Foundry is a part of the sculpture area of the Department of Art. There are four sculptors on the faculty. Wayne E. Potratz teaches all Metalcasting of Sculpture courses, directs the University of Minnesota Sculpture Foundry, and has been casting metal for more than 35 years. The foundry is completely equipped with a 2 ton bridge crane, a # 30 crucible furnace, a # 40 crucible furnace, a #200 crucible furnace, a #300 capacity cupolette for iron with 600# holding ladle, a 250 cubic foot gas kiln for burn-out and melt-out, a molding-sand pit holding 8 tons, a 400 # capacity muller, a ceramic shell mixer, and 3 electric melt-out kilns, as well as all thenecessary hand tools for casting and finishing metal. The foundry occupies 5000square feet and includes areas for melting and pouring, molding, wax work, and ceramic shell work.
  • The Annual Minnesota Iron Pour attracts artists from around the region and around the country.

University of Cincinnati- College of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning   - School of Art Faculty, Sculpture

  • Sculpture Facilities The Sculpture area at the University of Cincinnati is committed to fostering a diverse range of conceptual and technical approaches to the creation of three-dimensional art. The undergraduate Sculpture program offers instruction in a variety of media: metal casting, metal fabrication, forging, plaster work, wood, found objects, fibers, clay, wax, etc. The Sculpture faculty encourage students to build a strong technical and conceptual basis and working knowledge of contemporary art and issues to support their work.
  • The 9,574 square foot facility offers a metal foundry with a car kiln and two Speedy Melt furnaces, an extensive M.I.G. and T.I.G. welding area, plasma cutter, wax area, grinding room, fiberglas room, pneumatic, power, and hand tools, separate introductory and advanced studio work areas and an outdoor work court. Sculpture majors are assigned a workstation for studio work and storage while in the program. In addition, the Sculpture/Foundry area is conveniently located next to the College Shop which has extensive plastic, metal, and wood working capabilities and full-time staff.

Tulane UniversityNewcomb Art Department - Sculpture

  • The Newcomb Sculpture Foundry was initiated in the late 1950's by Jules Struppeck, who authored one of the first sculpture textbooks illustrating bronze casting. During the 60's this foundry was one of the pioneers of the university foundry experience. Simple, low technology, inexpensive foundry practice is of the utmost importance for the survival of sculptors who need to cast.
  • Metal Casting - Ceramic shell, sand molding, and traditional investment processes are regularly taught for the casting of aluminum, bronze and iron.

Texas Tech University - Art Department - Jewelry Design & Metal Smithing Facilities

  • The studio facilities in metals at Texas Tech are excellent. The undergraduate classroom includes twenty individual workstations each equipped with natural gas torches. Major pieces of equipment include: two rolling mills (one with 4 3/4" roller), sandblaster, band saw, jig saw, disc sanders and belt sanders (four 6" x 42" and three 1" x 24"), drill presses, flexshafts, oxy/acetylene torch, buffing machines, two die-forming presses, aluminum anodizing set ups (two portable, one permanent), 36" metal shear, draw bench, plasma/air cutting system, six Prestolite acetylene torches (portable), two Smith torches, one mini torch and a large selection of steel stakes and hammers for forming metal.  The casting set up includes; a large vulcanizer and wax injector, two centrifugal and three vacuum casting machines (one computerized, two standard), and three kilns.

Eastern Michigan University - Art Department - Sculpture

  • Students are introduced to a variety of technical approaches which include modeling, plaster mold making, flexible mold making, wood and stone carving, welding, and fabrication of all materials. Bronze casting is also taught, based on demand. The studio facility is approximately 5000 sq. ft., and contains a wood shop, plaster and clay room, welding and bronze casting area, as well as a stone carving space. Some graduate space is also available.

Southern Illinois University (SIU) - School of Art and Design (SoAD)

  • SoAD - Sculpture Foundry - Foundry Complex. The complex is an arrangement of two large metal buildings: one former agricultural facility and the other remodeled in 1979 with a matching fund grant from the Kresge Foundation.
  • The complex is located on the fringe of campus (approximately three miles from the Allyn Building). It houses facilities for all ferrous and non-ferrous metal-casting techniques, graduate student studios, undergraduate programming in sculpture/foundry, and one faculty studio. There is also a large metal forging facility with a trip happer for pounding metal which is located in a separate building and also serves as a faculty studio. There is an overhead lift for managing large heavy sculpture and equipment. Surrounding the Foundry are outdoor concrete pads and an adjacent grass and wooded area which provide ample space for outside work and the display of large sculptures.

East Carolina University - School of Art - Facilities

  • Irwin Belk Foundry Irwin Belk, longtime friend and support of East Carolina University, has endowed the School of Art sculpture foundry with a $100,000 gift. As a result of the pledge, the foundry has been named the Irwin Belk Foundry.
  • The foundry, in the Jenkins Fine Arts Center, consists of a foundry room, work spaces, a moldmaking room and a kiln yard where artists can cast piece molds, flexible molds, waste molds and sand molds in a range of materials. Carl Billingsley, associate professor in the School of Art and coordinator of sculpture, said the Belk endowment will allow the university to make physical improvements to the foundry that will make it "one of the finest in our region and most significant in our state."

Indiana State University Terre Haute, IN - Department of Art - Sculpture Program (Primarily Metals Fabrication)

  • The sculpture studio occupies 4,600 square feet in the Fine Arts West building. It is divided into stations for welding, fabrication and mixed construction, as well as assigned graduate studios. The entire sculpture area is serviced by an overhead bridge crane system. In addition, the student is furnished with an assortment of electrical and pneumatic hand tools plus a full complement of welders. The foundry is equipped with a large walk-in kiln, car kiln, two Speedy-Melt furnaces and steaming facilities, as well as M.I.G. and T.I.G. welders, stick welders, plasma cutter, shears, breaks and other power equipment which provide an exciting, professional workplace for motivated graduate students.

Wayne State University - Department of Art and Art History - Sculpture Home

  • No details available on foundry facilities

Rider University, Lawrenceville, NJ  - Fine Arts Dept

  • The Studio Faculty offer couses in drawing and painting at levels from beginning to advanced, as well as courses in printmaking and 2­D Design. Three­dimensional work may be done in 3­D Design and also in a sculpture course offered through the University by the nearby sculpture foundry, the Johnson Atelier.

Bucks County Community College Newtown, PA - The Arts - Sculpture Courses

  • Basic foundry procedures will be studied such as furnace operation, burnout procedures, investment procedures, fluxing and pouring of molten metal, finish and treatment of metal casting. All initial work will be done in foundry wax or styrofoam and progress through investment, burnout, casting in metal, finishing, and application of patina

Northeast Louisiana University - Art Department - Sculpture

University of California - Santa Cruz - Art Department

Lycoming College - Art Department  - Fine Arts Center

University of Colorado at Boulder - Sculpture Division -

University of Houston in Houston, Texas - ART Degree Plan -

Pittsburg State University - Art Department - Server error

Binghamton University - Art Home Page   Sculpture Foundry class - Provides participants with training through presentation and practice of art foundry procedures. Emphasis on lost wax or cire perdue method, with sand mold casting also available. All work cast in bronze. Each student can expect to complete three or four pieces of moderate dimension. All steps necessary to cast a piece discussed and practiced; conceptual work and criticism, wax work, mold making, metallurgy, the burnout and pour, repair, chasing, patina, and bases.

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