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Illinois: The School of the Art Institute of Chicago To establish and conduct comprehensive programs of education including preparation of visual artists, teachers of art, and designers; to provide education services in written, spoken, and media formats. Sculpture Course Descriptions

Connecticut: Welcome to the Lyme Academy of Fine Arts!   A Fine Arts College located in Old Lyme, Connecticut, offering the Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and a Certificate in Painting and Sculpture. The curriculum at the Lyme Academy of Fine Arts is based on a respect for classical values in a Fine Arts education. That is, the emphasis of the program is figurative and realistic, reflecting the same "Academic" traditions that have produced master artists from the Renaissance to the present century.

Italy: The Art School - Art Under One Roof. Over 40 Studio Art Programs. Study monthly, for a semester, an academic year or the summer and Experience Italy. In the heart of the Renaissance, Florentine sculptors turned their eyes to the beauty, grace and power of the human body. Donatello, Michelangelo, Verrocchio and countless others realized how the figure, manipulated under their skillful hands, could send very powerful messages to the viewers. The figure is no less important to modern day artists.  See: Art School, Ways to Study, Catalog  Contact: or + in Florence, Italy.

Washington DC: The Corcoran School of Art, officially founded in 1890, is the only professional school of art and design in Washington, D.C.

United Kingdom: The Sculpture Academy Contact: The school will assist students in: 

  • The development of practical sculptural skills, i.e. stone and wood carving, anatomy, modelling in all materials, drawing, life work, lettering design and cutting, mould-making and casting, metal, ceramic, relief and decoration, ephemerals, computer technologies, replication technologies, the internet, collaborative approaches, new technologies and materials.
  • Developing a critical faculty with a reference point beyond personal whim through peer reviews, museums and gallery visits, critical writings, visits with architects and developers, and interaction with professional sculptors.  Plus, study of the essential nature of things, the fundamental elements, the innate effects of form, harmony and materials, to allow the student's expression to be natural and universal.
  • Understanding sculpture business and industry through practical training in business management, contracts, communications, cost management, market research and sales promotion.  The emphasis is on making quality art available to organizations, government agencies, corporations, developers, business people, inner cities, urban redevelopment projects, schools, and collectors - in a global marketplace, in a timely and professional manner.

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