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International Federation of Landscape Architects 

European Foundation for Landscape Architecture represents the national professional Associations of Landscape Architects of the member countries of the European Union. The Foundations objective is to develop an active framework for landscape Architecture in Europe, and it is particularly concerned to ensure the maintenance of a high level of standards in both the education and practice of the profession.  Contact: or + 32.2.346.38.62 in Brussels, Belgium.

American Society of Landscape Architects Founded in 1899, the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) is the association that represents the landscape architecture profession in the United States. ASLA has grown from 11 original members to more than 13,500 members, 80 corporate members, and 48 chapters to date. The Society's mission is to lead, educate, and participate in the careful stewardship, wise planning, and artful design of our cultural and natural environments. The American Society of Landscape Architects seeks to improve public understanding of the profession and to advance the practice of landscape architecture through education, communication, publications, online services, professional interaction and development.  See:  Locate an Architecture Firm, Landscape Architecture Magazine Contact: or 202-898-2444 in Washington DC USA.

Irish Landscape Institute The ILI was formed in 1993 from an amalgamation of the Irish Chapter of the Institute of Landscape Architects and the Institute of Landscape Horticulture of Ireland. This, in effect, joined private practice and public sector members, enabling them to further develop the Landscape Profession in Ireland, and to strengthen the role of the European Foundation for Landscape Architecture in Europe.  Contact: or 353 1 6627409 in Dublin Ireland

Canadian Society of Landscape Architects - english - français - Landscape architects provide services that include landscape assessment, feasibility studies, design programming, site planning, master planning, land development planning, site design, project management and construction administration. Areas in which landscape architects specialize include neighbourhood and community design, urban design, park and recreation planning, transportation planning, golf course and resort design, campus planning and design, regional planning, landscape reclamation and restoration, heritage conservation, garden design, therapeutic design and design for special user needs.  Contact: or 613-622-5520 in Ottawa, Ontario Canada.

Topos - European Landscape Magazine

The Australian Institute of Landscape Architects - Links

alambinaOpenDirectory - Landscape Architecture - Landscape Architects - Welcome to 250,000 pages of useful information about architecture, architects, and the Royal Institute of British Architects. The image is from our Site of the Day (click bottom left). Visit the RIBA library catalogue; a free index to 175,000 articles from 300 journals in 20 languages, 35,000 books, and over 1 million items in the Special collections. For an encyclopedia of architecture, visit our friends at Great Buildings. The Find an Architect button leads to the RIBA Directory of Practices. is fast becoming the nexus of the worldwide design and construction industry. With cross-referenced listings in (753) product and service categories in (113) countries, only gives visitors the power to: “Design and Build Anything, Anywhere!sm”.

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