Bion - By Adam Brown

This interactive installation explores the relationship between human beings and artificial life. The name "Bion" references an individual component of primordial energy, first identified by scientist Wilhelm Reich. The work is comprised of one thousand glowing, chirping sculptural forms. Each bion, measuring approximately 4 x 3 x 2 ½ inches, is a synthetic life-form with its own audio speaker, blue lights (LED’s), and multiple sensors. They are suspended by fine gage wire connected to panels that are attached to the ceiling. When installed, the panels form clusters of bions arranged at different elevations. Every bion has the ability to communicate with the others and with viewers that enter the space.

Abstract, Electronic, Kinetic

30 feet tall
40 feet long
20 feet wide

Injection-molded plastic and custom electronics



To inquire about this sculpture, please call 212-695-4074.


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